Eating clean -Week 2

I was a little disappointed when I crept onto the scale this morning and I hadn’t lost any weight. I think it must be the increased muscle mass from the intense weight-training this week!:-) dombbells in gym

Actually, I think I look a little leaner. Although that may be due to the fake tan I just applied.

I did rather well, eating-wise, over the weekend but we had a new delivery of wine & champagne this week and I really want to test some today. We got Willy Willy people!  No I’m not being rude, it’s a really fabulous red wine. Plus if you’re searching for it in the supermarket and a male assistant asks you what you’re looking for, you can say with as much grace as you can muster….”I need some Willy Willy…Do you have any?”

I did cook a whole batch of chicken breasts in carrots and stock on Sunday but the dogs have managed to eat half of it.

Storm over seteeThat’s Storm, looking very cheeky after eating my chicken!

I have really missed the my small pain au chocolate. They are only 120cals but they do have about 5g fat, so I am going to make some biscotti this week. They have no unhealthy fats and my ones are full of good things like raisins, pistachios and almonds.

As soon as I make them, I will post a photo and the recipe.

Breakfast today was Vogel bread toasted with organic peanut butter-1 slice. – I know they say breakfast like a king, but new research has revealed that eating less for breakfast (Up to 40%) actually reduces your calorie consumption throughout the day.

lunch was small wholemeal pitta with 80g king prawns- cooked in ginger and chilli- with salad.

Mid afternoon I had leftovers from last nights dinner. Orzo pasta, chicken, onion and edamame beans with a vinaigrette dressing.

Dinner is going to be a vegetable ommlette with salad…..and no wine 😦

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