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I currently provide copyediting and proofreading services for individual authors, publishers, businesses and bloggers.


A proofread is the final polish of a manuscript before publishing.

To proofread your manuscript/document I will:

  • Check spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  • Check headings and subheadings.
  • Ensure correct use of capitalisation and hyphenation.
  • Check the consistency of names/places, formatting, word use, hyphenation, spacing and layout.
  • Query any jumbled text or fact errors.
  • Apply your house style (where relevant).


If your project is in need of some style and sentence intervention, you may be looking for a copyedit. I will look at each sentence and make any suggestions that could improve readability. This will entail:

  • Giving you advice on re-writing sentences or suggesting more appropriate/powerful words.
  • Dealing with clarity/ambiguity/repetition/verbosity.
  • Checking grammar, punctuation and spelling.
  • Creating a style sheet for you.
  • Marking up using Track Changes in Word.
  • Checking continuity with regard to the narrative and any displayed material.
  • Ensure consistency of style throughout the project.
  • Informing you of any libel/bias.

I will provide you with a style sheet if you don’t have one and you have the option of an online meeting to discuss your work.

A style sheet is a record of your style choices with regard to language, grammar preferences, name/place/dates, spelling, and a timeline of specific events. It ensures your style is consistent throughout your manuscript which, in turn, can drastically reduce your final editing costs.  


I take an in-depth look at the first 500 words of your story or novel. It is an excellent tool for improving your writing skills and saving on future editing costs. I will provide you with a full report so you can identify any habits you have acquired and discover where your strengths lie. This is an affordable way to give you the tools to polish your manuscript before sending it for editing.

The function of the Forensic500 is to stretch your literary brain and make you look at your writing from a different angle. My suggestions are just that; ideas and opinions that make you think about every sentence and word. What you do with them is up to you!

Wendy, forgive me if I go a bit gushy. But thanks so much for those incredibly insightful comments. I tend to embroider to show off by demonstrating my knowledge of the subject with detail, even get a bit preachy. This time I purposefully kept descriptions and opinions minimal, so thanks for permission to add a little embroidery, just a little. I masochistically enjoyed being beaten up over the clichés. As soon as I have worked out what a subordinate clause is I’ll start work on it. I feel like I’ve just been given a deep tissue massage!

Saul Ben

I will check each sentence for:

  • Focus
  • Narrative point of view
  • Tone
  • Tense
  • Pace
  • Relevance
  • Word choice
  • Language choice
  • Writing for the reader
  • Cliché
  • Grammar & punctuation
  • Sentence length/structure
  • Showing rather than telling

There is also the option to book an online meeting with me so I can take you through your report and answer any questions you may have.

*Forensic500 is a fixed fee of £79


I will take 10,000 words of your novel and use Track Changes in Word to copyedit your text and generate a style sheet for your work.

Once I have finished your edit, you have the option of booking an online meeting where I will take you through my comments and suggestions. I will use my skills as an editor and English tutor to help you improve your writing techniques. I will also teach you how to continue adding to your style sheet.

This service provides an excellent opportunity for new writers to increase their knowledge about writing styles and grammar or for more experienced writers to discover any ‘writer tics’ they may have developed and how to fix them.

Editorial Sweep

The Editorial Sweep is something I began for writer friends who wanted more than just a beta reader. It became rather popular, especially for those on a budget. It involves reading your novel with an editor’s eye. I am trained to see errors and inconsistencies and often find upwards of 70 in an average novel.

This service is not to be confused with the copyediting or proofreading services which require an in-depth assessment of your narrative and can take up to 80 hours. The Editorial Sweep takes from 12–20  hours depending on the length of the novel.

I will:

  • Read through your novel noting any inconsistencies or errors using Track Changes in Word
  • I will provide you with a style sheet if you do not have one
  • The option of an online meeting to discuss your work

Pricing Your Project

My charges are always reasonable and my mantra is ‘give more than is required’. The cost of your project will depend on several factors:

  • What type of editing you need
  • The length of the project
  • How much intervention is required

I will ask to see a sample of your manuscript or text before giving you a price. Evaluating your text allows me to give you an accurate rate and discover if I am the right fit for your project.

For larger projects, I usually charge by the word as my fee decreases as I become more familiar with your writing style, although quotes can be given by the hour/page/word or whole project depending on your preference.

pencil-gb37e64afd_1280Not sure what type of editing you require? Why not contact me for a chat about your project. No obligation.

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