Writing Lessons – The Final Edit

The Final Edit

At last I have just finished the final edit of my novel – Wandering on the Treadmill.

So what have I learnt?
1. I still enjoyed the story- even for the 6th time!
2. Insert tab to 0.5cm for indenting each new line of speech.
3. Getting someone else to check the flow of the story is great for highlighting hysterical errors!
4. Having grammar books to hand will make the whole process a lot easier – especially for those of us who learnt it at school, soooo long ago.
5. Note down what font you used if you changed for any reason. I used calibri for showing text messages. This could be wrong with regard to the copy-editor getting the book ready for print, but I will try to find out before sending it out.

My next step is going to be writing the covering letter and synopsis. I’ll blog about how I get on. As usual, any advice gratefully received.

I would just like to say that Lorena Goldsmith’s book – self-editing, Fiction that sells – has been really helpful. I actually wish I had read it before even starting my book as it would have saved so much time. Big love to Lorena!

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