Writing Lesson No9 – Writing for Radio

As my friend is still proofreading my novel, I decided to get on with another project.

I have an assignment due, which is to plot and partly write a radio play. Of course this means doing lots of research, so I have combined my many hours in the kitchen cooking chicken and brown rice with listening to radio plays and stories. Actually, it has been really enjoyable and there are some great writers who have contributed their talents.

Short Story Radio has some great stories….but they need more as I have listened to them all! I have even attempted one myself which my tutor loved but suggested would be even better as a radio play. So, I am now tuned into BBC Radio 4 who have a wide range of genre available which you can listen to.

The BBC also have a great website which has been really helpful http://www.bbc.co.uk/writersroom/ which has loads of helpful information on how to format your script. They will even let you download archived scripts, so you can see exactly what your completed script should look like.

It is very different to write for radio as you need to let the listener know exactly where they are and who is talking at all times. It’s a challenge but I’m up for it.

Anyone who wishes to add any helpful information please feel free!

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