Body Blog 3 – HIIT or Weight training?


I finally have abbage this morning! (My abdominals are visible).

Spent two hours in the gym today, finishing with a 25 minute bike ride. I didn’t realise the time as I was enjoying the training. Plus, the guys in the gym make it easier by popping over for a quick chat between sets.

I had to change my back training as my finger is still painful but I did work it from every angle. Included Single arm dumbbell row, Wide grip lat pulldowns, pullovers and back extensions.

Leg training went great and I managed 3×12 on 15kg each side of the smith bar – I may be sore tomorrow!

Post training meal was a chocolate protein shake to help with growth and recovery.

With all the hype about HIIT (high intensity interval training) I still think a great weight training programme is hard to beat.

Getting older means we tend to store more weight around our middle, so it is tempting to try and burn it off with cardio, I have tried this method to see if my body responded better than heavy resistance but I stayed pretty much the same until I started to go back to my roots and lifting heavy.

I tend to change my training throughout the year so I’m sure HIIT will be back in my programme but it will be to increase my fitness level and lean-out so the muscle I have built is more visible.

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