Wendy’s Weekly Weight Loss Tips – Summing up

By now, if you have followed every piece of advice I have given on losing those extra pounds, you should be: Eating smaller portions off a  smaller plate Including lots of homemade soups Sitting down whilst you’re eating Keeping away from foods labelled low fat, lighter, or fat free. Still be able to eat out […]

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Wendy’s Weekly Weight Loss Tips – Photo Diary

Instead of writing down how much you eat every day, take a quick snapshot with your phone. WHY? – This will serve as a more accurate reminder of what you have eaten. Quickly jotting down that you have had a ‘healthy’ salad may not look so saint-like when you see that it is piled high […]

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Wendy’s Weekly Weight Loss Tips – Move Your Arse!

  Weight loss tips –  move your arse! -Yes it’s simple really. Think about it, how often do you: Sit when you could be standing? Take the lift/escalator when you could use the stairs? Take your car through the car wash instead of washing it yourself? Send a text/email to a colleague when you could have walked […]

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