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Its official, I am the worst dieter in the world! I don’t handle denial very well. Why can’t I have a Margarita with firery chicken bites and still look like Jamie Eason? Answer: you’re not 21 anymore and you can’t get away with it! Oh well, at least my training is bang on. Even with […]

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Getting my body back in shape

So I turned 48 this week and have decided that a broken foot and the long…long winter has left a negative mark on my body – ┬áin the form of 6 extra pounds actually. Although I’m not happy with my new, slightly flabbier figure, I hate it when women only see the negatives. So here’s […]

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I am trying to lose a couple of excess pounds but can’t bring myself to eat salad when it’s so cold. We are told to eat seasonally, which I do. My veg etc comes early every wed from Abel & Cole, all organic locally produced and in season, but I feel like I should be […]

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