Indie author of the day: Jackie Phillips

I love a good mystery. This is an interview with the author of ‘A Case of Deceit’.

Scarborough Mysteries

Jackie 2009We’ve gone through the first week of our indie book blog tour, which I am co-hosting with the talented Kate M Colby,, and haven’t we had fun! Today is a writer who likes a mystery as much as I do, Jackie Phillips. JL Phillips is a dreamer. Now she is a writer of stories. Being a dreamer is nice but it’s not perfect until you put those dreams in writing and let other people see them. Here she introduces her book, A Case of Deceit:

Private investigator DeeDee Watson receives a desperate phone call from an old college roommate. Dee can’t turn down a plea for help from a friend, so, along with Tee, her trusty sidekick, she agrees to help. It doesn’t take long for Dee to find herself in the middle of something sinister. The more clues she finds the more she realizes all is not what…

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Author interview: Kara Jorgensen

One for you Sci Fi fantasy lovers. I love to read outside my usual genre and will put this on my Kindle Wish List.

Scarborough Mysteries

It is time to kick off our 2K international indie book blog tour 2016 (hosted by Kate M Colby & me, Kate Evans). I am delighted to welcome our first indie author for interview, Kara Jorgensen.

KaraK picKara Jorgensen is an author of fiction and professional student from New Jersey who will probably die slumped over a Victorian novel. An anachronistic oddball from birth, she has always had an obsession with the Victorian era, especially the 1890s. Midway through a dissection in a college anatomy class, Kara realized her true passion was writing and decided to marry her love of literature and science through science fiction or, more specifically, steampunk. When she is not writing, she is watching period dramas, going to museums, or babying her beloved dogs.

Here she introduces her book,  The Earl and the Artificer (Ingenious Mechanical Devices #3), a historical fantasy novel.

What mysteries…

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2016 – Be Bold

me at cheddar

I must admit to being a little lapse on my blog since I published my book Wandering on the Treadmill.my /  Marketing is not a strong suit of mine but I am learning all the time. More time is what is probably needed! Sales are going well and I have had some great feedback. My friend’s husband even read it and asked when the next one would be out.

My total earnings from writing in 2015 were not quite the ambitious £3,000 I set myself but ‘aim high’ I always say.

So now it is a new year and new challenges; all of which I will face with everything in my pencil case. I don’t really bother with New Year resolutions but if I had to choose one it would probably be this BE MORE CONFIDENT IN MY ABILITY AS A WRITER.
I wrote sample articles for three different writers’ websites last year and received the highest score possible from each so I know I can write I think it is more the ‘techi’ stuff that I struggle with. My big achievement this year was when I figured out how to insert a link into my blog/article whohoo!

So onward and upwards for 2016. I intend to channel the same confidence I have when training clients. What can I lose?

Let’s all decide to be bolder and bigger with our writing goals this year and maybe by 2017 we will be millionaires. I did say I like to dream big 😉



September has seen the first reviews and comments on my book Wandering on the Treadmill                    

I am pleased to say that the responses have been really encouraging. I have also had some messages from family and friends who sounded genuinely surprised by the fact they really enjoyed it! Not sure what says but I’m always happy to surprise 🙂

My grandmother (who is ninety-three) was the first person to tell me I would write a novel. I was about twelve at the time. Her review of my book was really important and it arrived when she had been rather poorly. I called to check how she was doing and her response was ‘I’m on chapter three and I cannot stop laughing! I’m up to the bit about the Tuesday knickers.’

According to my mother, who had gone to stay with her, she didn’t put my book down; it really lifted her mood. I’m not sure I need anything else from a review although I did get a message from another reader who was so inspired, she joined a gym and is on her way to better health and fitness!  The idea that my writing has changed lives -albeit in a small way- is worth every second/minute/hour/year it took to write it.

I’m now in the process of completing the first draft of the sequel Wandering Among the Stars. It is not a work of literary genius, but it is as much fun as the first Wander story and if it invokes laughter or inspires the reader in some way, then I am one happy author. Besides, the third book I am working on is a literary masterpiece!

FINALLY AVAILABLE – Wandering on the Treadmill


After much reading, editing and gnashing of teeth, I have let Wanda out into the world to be judged. Ooh I feel slightly sick 😦

It has taken a while but Wanda Mikos and her gym antics have finally arrived in paperback form. All books are first print so they are really good quality – they don’t have that paper that makes your fingers feel weird!

Anyone who wants a copy, or a good laugh, can click the link. You know you want to!

The Kindle edition should be ready later this week as I want to change the formatting.


last month I received the proof copy of my novel and spent much longer than I thought I would editing it …again! WanderingTreadmill3D

For some reason, in my MSS, Whinnie the pooh has the appropriate spacing but when my book arrived, Whinniethe was sans spacing! (I would like to point out at this time, my novel is not intended for the under fives – it is just a reference :-))

There were other issues and I must say that this months education in publishing has been has been more than a learning curve as it has driven me around the bend! Even the girl who worked on the interior had troubles she had never experienced before.

What did I learn?

  1. Read as much as you can on the site forums – other self-publishers will give you the benefit of their experience and could save you a lot of time.
  2. Don’t be tempted in all the excitement of getting your book out there to publish without seeing a proof copy. I had forgotten to include my author bio.
  3. Write down anything helpful you have learned so you don’t have to start again next time.
  4. Find someone to help with the stuff you cannot do, especially your cover!

 What’s next?

I am currently awaiting my final proof and with luck I can then convert it for Amazon Kindle…yipee!

One thing I had a problem with was the pricing of the book. Createspace kindly give you an idea of what you need to charge for all countries and how much you will receive. Mine came out to be around £9 or $14 which seemed rather steep for a first novel but someone in the forum pointed out that when someone orders your book, they are made to order; most novels on the shelves of bookshops are mass produced and therefore are cheaper to produce. Even famous authors have first run editions which cost more.

My last piece of advice is to let someone else – preferably someone who is good with grammar and editing skills – to read your proof for you. By this point in the proceedings your brain and eyeballs may be processing what you think is there.

So in conclusion, when self-publishing, KEEP CALM AND STICK WITH IT! – Vodka is not the answer…but it helps.Wild Animals Wallpapers HD Free Download -1280x800

Forgot to mention, my writing income for this month was £40. It can only go up 😉



So May has been and gone in a flash! I’m now 50 years old and still learning something every day about writing and publishing.WanderingTreadmill3D

I am currently awaiting the proof copy of my novel so I can check it for any errors or format issues before giving it the big YES.

Format issues and being in a constant state of ‘eh?’ has meant little time for anything else except ensuring I complete five hundred words a day on my next novel –Wandering Among the Stars.

I have just won £40 for the star letter in a magazine but I can’t count that until the end of June. shame

The chap who engaged my services to write his Biography is currently busy starting a new business so it doesn’t look like that will be counting towards my £3,000 goal either. Oh well, let’s hope my book is a smash and the next few months bring in pots of gold.

I’m nothing if not optimistic 🙂



I cannot believe it is now the end of another month. This has been a stressful time and although I have been writing almost every day, it has mainly been to work on publishing my novel.
I decided to publish this book myself even though I hadn’t sent it out to many agents/publishers – two in fact – I realised that the chance of getting a first novel published would be hard enough but even harder I think for commercial fiction or Chick lit. Maybe once I have sold millions of copies, the agents/publishers will come looking for me!

I have chosen to publish my book and they have made it fairly straight forward but I think I am going to get my cover professionally designed; it is after all the first impression. I am attempting to format my novel myself as formatting – and chocolate – seems to be my nemesis. Once I have completed the whole process, I will blog about my experience in the hope it will help others to not make the same mistakes as I did. Plus I can hopefully pass on some tips.

My other main project this month has been in the garden. I have been growing my own vegetable and fruit for the first time. Grow Your Own magazine have not got back to me yet regarding my article proposal but I did write them a letter about how I am making mini vegetable gardens and they emailed to request that they use the photograph I attached. My letter should be published in the July issue. They don’t pay for letters but do give the winning letter £40 worth of vouchers to spend in a garden centre. If I win, I am going to count this in my £3,000 word target.20150418_113621(1)

Oh and those of you who read my previous blog, which included writing for Textbroker, I still haven’t had my writing sample checked yet! This must be about two months ago. I am going to attempt some other broker sites again now that I have a little more time. I have joined and but haven’t had much time to write for them yet.

So, in conclusion, in April my total writing income amounted to …Nothing! Oh well, I am optimistic this will change soon.

Happy writing everyone!

POST CRITIQUE – A Better Ending

I have finally finished the re-write of my first novel – Wandering on the Treadmill . Spending money to have it professionally critiqued was worth every penny.

I began writing my first book about five years ago on a net book on my dressing table. 2012-11-11 13.44.34

My critique informed me of all the things I did right: like ending every chapter at a point where the reader will want to read on and how she liked my main character, but she also suggested I change some scenes and make the antagonist nastier.

What I realised during the re-write, was how lazy I had become towards the end of the book. I think I was so glad to get to finish that I rushed it.

The end result of a month of changing characters, scenes and storyline is a funnier and more dramatic story that has well-rounded characters and a satisfying ending. It is also a great lead into my next ‘Wanda’ story which is well on the way.

I will definitely be using a professional critique service for my next project. They are all-knowing, all-seeing beasts who can transform your rather average prose into something magnificent.

Has anyone else discovered how much their story improved after a thorough critiquing?

March- Progress check

This month has been slightly stressful – two dogs on 24hr watch can sap a lot of writing time and a serious amount of energy! Excuses aside, I am a couple of weeks behind my schedule this month but I have engaged in some lateral thinking and managed to write whenever and wherever I can. This has included sitting on my front step whilst the dogs get some fresh air. 20150323_07001420150319_135439

Having a To Do list every week and being able to look at what is coming up regarding competitions, deadlines etc on a wall calendar has been motivating and well worth the time. 2015-03-31 14.08.26

My meeting regarding the Biography was cancelled and has been rearrange. I have almost finished the final edit on my novel and have been making notes for my Rookie Gardener article. This, unfortunately, is the sum total of my achievements this month writing-wise but I will be ramping it up for April.

Total income from writing this month – Zero, Nil, £0, Nothing!

I have learned a lot more about writing for the web though. There are opportunities out there for those with talent and a little drive. That will be me!

Next month I am hoping to be in a position to publish my novel, so I had better get my butt in gear and get on with it.