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  Lunchtime in the canteen has never been my favourite time of day, mainly because I’m overweight and hate anyone watching me eat. What makes it worse is Carla Bridport: we were at the same school growing up but she grew UP and I grew OUT. We work for the same company and meet for […]

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Spring by Daffodil

SPRING By Daffodil Finally, I get to stretch. Raising my bright yellow head, I unfurl my petals, blink and smile. Spring is here at last. The still lake is spread before me, and I am surrounded by fellow daffodils enjoying the early morning sun. Already there are men and boys setting up their fishing rods […]

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Christmas Poem

CHRISTMAS IS COMING Summer flowers return to soil, making room for falling leaves. Rainy days wave goodbye to summer dresses,                             boots instead of sandals, and tops with long sleeves. Halloween is yet to come, but the shops are stocking Christmas fare. […]

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