September has seen the first reviews and comments on my book Wandering on the Treadmill                    

I am pleased to say that the responses have been really encouraging. I have also had some messages from family and friends who sounded genuinely surprised by the fact they really enjoyed it! Not sure what says but I’m always happy to surprise 🙂

My grandmother (who is ninety-three) was the first person to tell me I would write a novel. I was about twelve at the time. Her review of my book was really important and it arrived when she had been rather poorly. I called to check how she was doing and her response was ‘I’m on chapter three and I cannot stop laughing! I’m up to the bit about the Tuesday knickers.’

According to my mother, who had gone to stay with her, she didn’t put my book down; it really lifted her mood. I’m not sure I need anything else from a review although I did get a message from another reader who was so inspired, she joined a gym and is on her way to better health and fitness!  The idea that my writing has changed lives -albeit in a small way- is worth every second/minute/hour/year it took to write it.

I’m now in the process of completing the first draft of the sequel Wandering Among the Stars. It is not a work of literary genius, but it is as much fun as the first Wander story and if it invokes laughter or inspires the reader in some way, then I am one happy author. Besides, the third book I am working on is a literary masterpiece!

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