So May has been and gone in a flash! I’m now 50 years old and still learning something every day about writing and publishing.WanderingTreadmill3D

I am currently awaiting the proof copy of my novel so I can check it for any errors or format issues before giving it the big YES.

Format issues and being in a constant state of ‘eh?’ has meant little time for anything else except ensuring I complete five hundred words a day on my next novel –Wandering Among the Stars.

I have just won £40 for the star letter in a magazine but I can’t count that until the end of June. shame

The chap who engaged my services to write his Biography is currently busy starting a new business so it doesn’t look like that will be counting towards my £3,000 goal either. Oh well, let’s hope my book is a smash and the next few months bring in pots of gold.

I’m nothing if not optimistic 🙂

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