POST CRITIQUE – A Better Ending

I have finally finished the re-write of my first novel – Wandering on the Treadmill . Spending money to have it professionally critiqued was worth every penny.

I began writing my first book about five years ago on a net book on my dressing table. 2012-11-11 13.44.34

My critique informed me of all the things I did right: like ending every chapter at a point where the reader will want to read on and how she liked my main character, but she also suggested I change some scenes and make the antagonist nastier.

What I realised during the re-write, was how lazy I had become towards the end of the book. I think I was so glad to get to finish that I rushed it.

The end result of a month of changing characters, scenes and storyline is a funnier and more dramatic story that has well-rounded characters and a satisfying ending. It is also a great lead into my next ‘Wanda’ story which is well on the way.

I will definitely be using a professional critique service for my next project. They are all-knowing, all-seeing beasts who can transform your rather average prose into something magnificent.

Has anyone else discovered how much their story improved after a thorough critiquing?

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  1. My first novel is currently in content editing and with (non professional) beta readers. The reasons you list for why you loved your professional critique are exactly why I chose to go with professional editing. There is no substitute for a keen, professional outside perspective when it comes to improving your work. Congratulations on taking your manuscript to the next level!

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