March- Progress check

This month has been slightly stressful – two dogs on 24hr watch can sap a lot of writing time and a serious amount of energy! Excuses aside, I am a couple of weeks behind my schedule this month but I have engaged in some lateral thinking and managed to write whenever and wherever I can. This has included sitting on my front step whilst the dogs get some fresh air. 20150323_07001420150319_135439

Having a To Do list every week and being able to look at what is coming up regarding competitions, deadlines etc on a wall calendar has been motivating and well worth the time. 2015-03-31 14.08.26

My meeting regarding the Biography was cancelled and has been rearrange. I have almost finished the final edit on my novel and have been making notes for my Rookie Gardener article. This, unfortunately, is the sum total of my achievements this month writing-wise but I will be ramping it up for April.

Total income from writing this month – Zero, Nil, £0, Nothing!

I have learned a lot more about writing for the web though. There are opportunities out there for those with talent and a little drive. That will be me!

Next month I am hoping to be in a position to publish my novel, so I had better get my butt in gear and get on with it.

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