How successful was February?

Another month has passed in a blur of editing, submitting material and learning about earning from writing through broker websites.2014-02-13 19.44.40-4

At the moment it is an uphill climb but I will push on regardless. So let’s take a look at what I did this month to get me nearer to my goal of £3,000.

1. Found a free short course on twitter from Maggie Linders about making money from your writing. It ran over about five days and she even tweeted me to wish me luck and let her know if I had any questions. The course was really useful and I downloaded her e-book for additional information ( “Freelance Writing Riches: From Earning Immediate Income to Replacing Your Day Job”)
– all helpful! Thanks Maggie

2. Edited and sent off a short stage play for a competition run by The Windsor Fringe.

3. I have recently decided to grow my own fruit and vegetables with the help of Grow Your Own magazine. I have made notes of my progress under the title The Rookie Gardener and thought it might make a good article for their magazine. After searching their website and magazine pages, I wasn’t sure if they considered submissions so I bit the bullet (really must sort out those clichés) and rang one of the editors, who was really helpful and sounded interested in my idea. Hoorah – I’m so brave.

4. I joined Textbroker and submitted a writing sample but they let you know it could take a few weeks to get back to you. The money for writing articles is pants to begin with but will provide a chance to work on my writing skills.

5. Last month I mentioned joining Viviac – The site where you can get paid for completing surveys, undertaking tasks and writing articles. I submitted my writing sample and was awarded a level 4 – which I think is as high as you can get for the sample – but since then I have checked for writing jobs every day for weeks and there hasn’t been one. I am going to give this site up as it is not worth the effort. An hour of work on some of the tasks will bring your growing profit up by a whole ten pence! Not for me thanks.

6. Have been asked for a quote to finish a biography so I will include that in next month.

As well as the above, I am on the final edit of my novel and hope to get this finished by the end of March.

To all struggling writers, good luck, don’t give up and be brave!

Nearly forgot, total income for February £0 – Not good but I am just setting thing up for later in the year.


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