NaNoWriMo and Christmas

It has been almost a month since NaNoWriMo and I must admit to not having done as much as I would like. I blame Christmas! All this shopping, baking, partying, Christmas films and decorating get in the way of my writing. I did, however take a couple of chapters with me when I went Christmas shopping the other day and I managed to edit both whilst having a much needed coffee break. I find that the less time I have, the more I get done.

I am setting myself small goals for each day depending on how busy I know I’m going to be. This way I can give myself the day off if I am going to be partying like a Christmas nutter.

I am also going to have to make time to fit in some extra workouts as all this sitting at the computer and attending Christmas functions is playing havoc with my waistline! Thank goodness for my stand up desk. (I am embarrassed to say that whilst I write this I am sitting on the sofa with a Christmas film on the television – I have been to the gym though).

My new year goal is all about writing. I am still deciding whether to make it monetary, like I must earn £5,000 or maybe just to send out more proposals etc. I will put my thinking cap on (plus, I must read that article on Cliches) and post my intentions in January.

I will try and find out what goals other writers are giving themselves for 2015 and maybe find some inspiration.

2 Comments on “NaNoWriMo and Christmas”

  1. Like you, the holiday season has pretty much destroyed all my writing progress. NaNo was great, but now I’m off track. Hopefully we can both get it together when the holidays are over. Good luck!


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