Rejection – Looking for the Positive

Having always been a glass is half full kind of girl, I look for the positive in everything, but is it nature or nurture that fills my glass and allows me to cheerfully accept  yet another rejection?

Following the sudden death of my father at the age of 26, my mother decided the only way she could move forward was to treasure everything good in her life and simply ignore the bad. If I was feeling low, she would hug me and say “Don’t worry darling, something will turn up.” Or “Just be glad you are not someone else worse off.” Of course she was right.

Okay, so a magazine rejected my last article, but I’m glad I took the time to write it. It was good practice and I learned a lot from the research. I write every day and even if I only manage 100 words, by the end of the week my book is 700 words further on than last week. That’s 36,400 words a year! Not quite a finished novel but it’s a good start.

When receiving critique from my tutor or fellow writers, I copy the negative comments into a notebook. I am happy to do this as these are the tools, which will make me a better writer. Positive comments are highlighted and pinned to a board next to my computer providing inspiration in times of doubt.

So when you are at a loss for the right words, remember what a wise woman once said and stop worrying. Something will turn up – it always does.


P.s. If it is taking a while, a half glass full of Margarita is always good!


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