A Fresh Start

I cannot believe I have my own office! We did have one  in our old house but I shared it with my boyfriend. This meant also sharing the space with his piles of photography magazines,  paperwork, bits’n’bobs, odds’n’sods and unshredded addresses. I cannot work in a mess so my first novel was written on my little net book on my dressing table.  2012-11-11 13.44.34

This week I have been ploughing through boxes to decide what I want in my office and what I can do without. A fresh start is great but let me warn you … it takes bloomin’ ages!  I have managed to go through every folder to see what is essential. After five days,  I am left with, three full boxes to go into the loft and two large bags of recycling. IMAG1709

I have also bought pretty folders and boxes which match the decor.  There is no reason I can’t be stylish whilst working – talking of which, I am about to start getting some actual writing done today and I can’t wait.

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