Can You Write in a Mess?

At last, I have time to get back to some normality after moving house. Don’t get me wrong, we are still surrounded by boxes but we’re in! I cannot believe how much stuff we accumulated in a 3 bedroom house. Luckily we don’t have children as there would have been nowhere to put them! (We did have a nice shed which could have been useful).

The best part of our new house is that I now have my own office downstairs overlooking our lovely garden. Carl has been warned about putting ANYTHING on my desk and he has not only bought me a new laptop but an adjustable STAND-UP DESK as I don’t like sitting for too long. I still have boxes awaiting some form of shelving but being able to write with a clear desk is bliss for me. wpid-IMAG1586_1.jpg

Over the years I have read features in Writing Magazine and Writers’ Forum where they interview writers about where they write. Some of them have no problem writing even when their desk is in complete chaos. One author had so much on her desk that it was hard to identify where her computer was! I am in awe of these writers as it must be so great to be able to get working without the niggling monster that is your head telling you ‘A clear space means a clear mind‘.


This is a picture of my lovely clear desk :-). The turtle is functional, it’s holding my paperclips; plus he’s really cute.

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