Annecy, France

While everyone else was stuffing their faces with Easter eggs, myself, Carl and friends, Peter and Ivy, were on our way to Annecy in France. We stopped off  in Grey for an overnight stay in the Chateau de Rigny. This is a picture of the lounge.Photo - services

The Chateau de Rigny is a rather beautiful hotel off the main track but worth the detour. The decor is classic French as is the cuisine and the  grounds are well worth a stroll around after dinner. This is what we found in our room on arrival. Aaahh bless.wpid-IMAG1468.jpg

After a lovely overnight stay, we got back into our cars and set directions for Annecy.

hotels french alps Annecy near Geneva

Our hotel there, Hotel Imperial Palace,  was right by the lake and just a stroll from the old town which they call ‘Little Venice’. You can see why from the photographs.



We were lucky with the weather but it wasn’t quite hot enough for a swim in the lake. Maybe next time.

On a trip further into the mountains, we put the tops down on the cars, popped on our sunglasses and got our cameras ready for some spectacular scenery. We were not disappointed as the views improved the higher we got. Within five minutes of this first picture,  the scene turned into a ski resort complete with snow! I was wearing open-toed sandals. Luckily, I had Carl’s sweatshirt in the boot of the car. We stopped for lunch in a lonesome restaurant at the top of the mountain, which was busy with cyclist. I’ll do that next time 🙂



Our last stop was the Chateau de Barive in Saint-Preuve.

After about a 300mile trip, our first sight of the chateau was delightful. It is in a secluded area, surrounded by fields of green and gold. Even better, we were offered a glass of the local cider on arrival, which was very welcome.


For dinner that evening, we were treated to the most amazing meal we had ever had.  It began with Champagne cocktails and a small tray of amuse bouche. The meal ended with a dessert that I just couldn’t fit in and then along came candy floss and caramel chocolate covered ice cream on sticks!

So, if you are in that area at any time -especially if you are a foodie – I would highly recommend a stay here. Oh I forgot, when Carl ordered a tea to drink in the lounge after dinner, we wobbled through and there on the table next to the tea was a jar of homemade marshmallows and  16 petit fours. I’m ashamed to say that I had to try one of them. 😦

Double time in the gym next week.

Au revoir mes amis!




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