Try Something New!

Now that the weather is turning – at last! – lots of us will be inspired to take up some physical exercise and eat more salad. This is great if like me, you have a love of a certain sport but if you are dragging your butt to the gym under extreme duress, then why not try something different?

Although I am a self confessed gym bunny, I like to shake things up a bit every so often and try something new. This year I thought I would have a go at the climbing wall. Make no mistake, this sport is not easy! I thought that all those years of gripping and pulling weights would be a perfect set up for shinning up a wall……yeah, I was wrong. Gripping onto a small nub sticking out of the wall, takes finger strength; there are no finger-weights in my gym!

I must say though that being fit did help as I crept up that wall like a Ninja. One guy commented to my boyfriend ‘That girl is a machine.’ 2014-02-13 19.57.062014-02-13 19.44.40-4

Not sure about that but I didn’t let it beat me. I must give a recommendation to the bungee climb -I think that’s what it’s called – this is where no one is holding your ropes below and you are supported by an automatic one. It takes trust, that the thing will indeed stop you plummeting into unexpected spectators below, but man is it fun!!

If climbing walls is not your thing, why not dust off you old bicycle and hit the park with friends or family or maybe try windsurfing which is great all over workout.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure you have fun as this is the key to consistency. I am moving house soon so my new sport will be loft- sorting and box packing but I do intent to try some outdoor climbing later in the year or lake swimming. So let’s all enjoy the sun and have some fun 🙂 blkw bikini

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