Wendy’s Weekly Weight Loss Tips – Photo Diary

Instead of writing down how much you eat every day, take a quick snapshot with your phone.

WHY? – This will serve as a more accurate reminder of what you have eaten. Quickly jotting down that you have had a ‘healthy’ salad may not look so saint-like when you see that it is piled high with potato salad, coleslaw, croutons and blue cheese dressing!

2013-03-17 10.11.042012-09-17 12.52.18

You may also get a better understanding of you portion size.  Again, writing in a notepad that you have just eaten a vegetable and Feta frittata sounds positively virtuous, unless you failed to mention that  you ate a slice the size of your head!


On the flip side, you may find that your picture diary is showing your complete understanding of the 5-a-day concept.

Also look at how many different foods you have on your plate – which, if you have been reading my tips, should be a small 9″ plate – as the more foods you have on your plate the more you will be likely to eat.

Let me know how you get on! Good Luck.





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