Wendy’s Weekly Weight Loss Tips – Move Your Arse!


Weight loss tips – 

move your arse! -Yes it’s simple really.
Think about it, how often do you:
  • Sit when you could be standing?
  • Take the lift/escalator when you could use the stairs?
  • Take your car through the car wash instead of washing it yourself?
  • Send a text/email to a colleague when you could have walked over and spoken to them?
  • Spend 10 minutes circling the supermarket car park in an attempt to get as near as you can to  the entrance?
  • Sit on your computer ordering your shopping so someone else can do all the work and deliver it whilst your backside increases in size?
When the kids ask you to take them to the park, are you always too busy?  Well today is the day to change all that. Just look at the calories you could use just by moving that little bit more. (Calories noted are will vary slightly depending on your weight).
  1. 30 minutes washing the car – 143 cals
  2. 30 minutes supermarket shopping – 50 cals
  3. 15 minutes walking home with 2 bags of shopping – 55cals
  4. 30 minutes walking on your lunchbreak – 127 cals
  5. 1 hour clothes shopping – 116 cals
  6. 20 minutes standing talking on the phone – 30 cals
You can see how every little helps when it comes to your overall calorie usage.
If you did the above for a month, you would have used 2080 calories.  This would equate to half a stone or more over a year without ever stepping into the gym!
So stand up today and think of all the little things you can do this week to up your calorie usage.
Good Luck!

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