Wendy’s Weekly Weight Loss Tips

wpid-IMAG0750-1.jpgEATING OUT

When you’re trying to watch what you eat, going out to dinner is often the last thing you want to do. All those temptations are a nightmare when you are trying to stick to a low fat/carb or calorie diet.

So, here are a few tips to take with you the next time you are out for dinner.

  •  Decide what you are going to have before you get the restaurant  if possible. This will mean not having to peruse the enticing dishes whilst you are hungry.
  • If you are having a starter remember to not over order on your main meal. Try and go for the fish for your dinner if  you’re having a starter.
  • If everyone is having steak, chips and peas and you don’t want to miss out, eat your steak and peas first; this way you won’t be as hungry for your chips and will be more likely to leave some on your plate.
  • Never put more than 2 different food items on your fork at once as  it will take you slightly longer to eat your dinnerand it as it takes 20 minutes for you brain to tell your tummy that you are full you should end up eating less.
  • Have water on the table and drink in between glasses of wine if youre having some.
  • Instead of ordering dessert, nick a spoonful off someone else. Let’s face it you are not hungry by the time dessert arrives, plus if you have been drinking wine, think of all the sugar you have already consumed. Have a coffee instead so you have something in front of you when everyone else is stuffing themselves with pudding. When they have finished, you can secure your angelic halo before heading home.

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