Pre-NaNoWriMo Holiday (part 2)

The weather was freakishly warm for October and staying indoors to write was not an option!

We went to Longleat Safari Park in Warminster where some very naughty Monkey decided that we didn’t need out windscreen washers anymore!

monkeyIt was really amazing to be in the car with Lions and tigers just outside the window….amazing but a little scary. They were so close.

We were allowed to open our windows when driving through the Rhino’s and Camels. It was really bizarre taking this picture through my window.   rhino

We went on to see the penguins and were allowed to stand with them..sooo cute.  The Meercats were even able to walk amongst us even though we were not allowed to touch them.

The butterfly sanctuary provided somewhere we could sweat even more than we already were and get up close and personal to some of the prettiest creatures on earth. How beautiful is this one? butterflyI could impress you by telling you it’s Latin name, but I didn’t quite catch it! ….catch it, Geddit?

Anyway the other thing I ought to mention is the lunch. OK, you know how I love my food, I’m not kidding it was fabulous. I asked for a beef roll – they called it a Rustique – and it arrived with three slices of thick roast beef, horseradish sauce and rocket on a large ‘rustic’ roll, Yummmm. Carl had a whole pork joint, apple sauce and a six-inch piece of crackling.

The next day – after a run along the canal path – we took ourselves off to Cheddar Gorge -which is a beautiful village, I want to live there – and climbed Jacob’s Ladder to the top of the gorge. It was incredibly warm and the view from the viewing tower was breathtaking. There is a three mile walk around the ridge, which is rather rocky but affords stunning vistas from every point.

me at cheddarcheddar view

The other great thing about walking around Cheddar Gorge is that you know you need to replace those carbohydrates and what better way to get some quick carbs than a cream tea 😉

Besides, I did only have a chicken salad for lunch – which was also fabulous and served with warm wholemeal bread, which I only ate a quarter of.  I know I should have had Cheddar cheese but I knew there would be cream tea later.


So, it was my holiday week, and I managed to plan for the NaNoWriMo, keep up with my training and I didn’t put on a single ounce. Yippee!

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