There are hundreds of health and fitness magazines published every month promising a new way to stay slim, fit and healthy. We hand over our money and eagerly scour the front cover to find out which of the articles is going to hold the secret to ‘Staying slim without dieting,’ ‘How to get JLo’s bum,’  or ‘How to get a six-pack in a week.’

As a Personal Trainer of 30 years, these front cover promises always make me laugh. Don’t ge me wrong, I still devour at least two a month, but it is purely for research purposes of course :-). Anyone who has been in the business for as long as I have knows that these headlines are to capture your attention.

Of course, they will provide useful information for those who are willing to put in the work and realise that you can’t get a six-pack from exercise alone. As with all things, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Here are a few that I have put my own interpretation on.


Drink plenty of drinks with ice in. This will give you a squitty bottom, which leads to spending hours in the loo thus no time to stuff your face.

OR,  It could advise you to spend at least 4 hours of your much longed-for holiday, sweating it out in the hotel gym as opposed to sweating it out with the latest James Patterson novel on the beach. I say 4 hours because that’s how long it will take to work off the large amounts of alcohol you intend to consume!

But seriously, how many people worry about losing weight on holiday? I personally never put on more than a pound, as I tend to eat the same and walk everywhere whilst on holiday. A PT colleague of mine has to take a different set of clothes for the second week of her holiday, as she puts on about 8 pound during the first week. Yes KC you know who you are!


What if you weren’t sexy to start with?

What if you start off at 20 stone? Could you still get slim in 4-weeks?

I decided to have a go at this one. I followed the programme for just over 4-weeks. So, was I strong, slim and sexy at the finish? YES… But let’s face it, I was all those things before I started! (she says with a cheeky grin)


This requires you mix up the contents of your fridge and slap it over your face whilst you drink hot water with a slice of lemon in it. You will then spend the rest of the weekend eating nothing but dressing-free salad and some fowl looking green slime that you have extracted from the leftover bits of veg in your salad box.wpid-IMAG0883.jpg

You cannot exercise or consume anything that would usually be associated with a great night out.

By the end of the weekend you’re starving and bored to death, but you’ll feel great!


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