Eating Clean – Week 2/Chickenfest

So instead of going out with my friend last night, I spent the whole afternoon and evening working on the synopsis for my novel and then I cooked chicken……a lot of chicken!

Chicken burgers – for dinner with a small ciabbata roll and large salad.

Chicken muffins – for quick lunch or snack in the week. These have grated courgette and mixed herbs and spices in and are cooked in a muffin tin.
Whole roast free-range chicken + thighs – for dinner Monday and some for the dogs.

Chickenfest on a Friday night means me not having to cook so much in the week. Although we are out to dinner tonight so no cooking for me this evening. I usually have fish when I eat out and rarely eat dessert so the ‘eating clean’ thing might not be too much of a problem – until it comes to the champagne cocktail! They do the yummiest cocktail called a Raspberry Ripple, which is a raspberry liqueur and sparkling wine. It’s like nectar on the tongue. I think I’ll finish this blog and go for a run 🙂

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