Eating Clean – Week 1

It hasn’t been easy this week and I’m not going to lie, I haven’t been perfect, but I have cut out the alcohol (Not been easy) and have eaten plenty of greens and salad.

I eat avocado most days and have been taking my Amino Acids for training. I only take these when I haven’t had a protein shake- as most shakes have aminos in them already.

I have been so busy this week but have made the effort to eat more fruit. Not easy again as the weather always influences my fruit intake! Plus I have sensitive teeth, so I think this puts me off too.

Going to weight myself Monday and see how I have got on.

2 Comments on “Eating Clean – Week 1”

  1. Hi Wendy , I find coconut oil invaluable when eating clean to get lean . Cool in it , marinade it , it’s anti fungal too so excellent on the gut. I also follow a Paleo style diet which really works , no grains and I find that a killer !! But yes alcohol is the hardest thing to go without isn’t it ? Keep at it chick and good luck for weigh in 🙂 x


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