Day 1 – Eating clean

So yesterday was my first day of attempting to eat clean. Not before time as my weekend was spent at The Sanderson, a 5 star hotel where we attended their famous Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Sooo many calories! The situation was not improved by the copious amount of champagne we drank. Oh the shame.

The picture in the middle is of the Phillipe Stark designer hand weights which were in our room! So cool, even if we didn’t use them.

Monday – Up at 6.15am to walk dogs. We would both usually run with them but Storm has a poorly knee.

Breakfast was 1 whole egg/1 white scrambled with 30g smoked salmon on a slice of Vogel Sunflower and barley bread toasted. FYI this is absolutely the best bread to use if you like peanut butter on toast.

Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to find and I have to rely on friends my friends Annie and Tony to get me some from their supermarkets.

Lunch – Small wholemeal pitta with chicken breast, sun dried tomatoes and mixed green leaves.

Dinner – Homemade pork balls with 50g wholewheat spagetti and tomato sauce.

When I weighed myself this morning, I had gone up to 9st 12Ib! I know this was due to the extra carbs, so I weighed myself again this morning and I had gone down to 9st 10Ib. Hoorah!

I am going to train every day this week to give myself a boost.

Today I had a small protein shake before leaving the house. About 11.30am I had Vogel bread toasted with a slice of lean ham and some mixed green bean salad. It was really tasty.

I shall keep going and see what the week brings. It wont be easy as my boyfriend is away this week which usually has me sitting in the evenings with a glass of wine watching chick flicks…..I’ll throw myself into my work.:-)

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