Getting my body back in shape

So I turned 48 this week and have decided that a broken foot and the long…long winter has left a negative mark on my body –  in the form of 6 extra pounds actually. Although I’m not happy with my new, slightly flabbier figure, I hate it when women only see the negatives. So here’s the positives

  •  Decent hour-glass shape2012-05-16 21.04.46
  • Square shoulders – good for jackets!
  • Still some incling of abdominals there.
  • Nice blue top!

OK, I know 6Ib is not a disaster, but for a Personal Trainer who is only 5’2″ it’s enough to cover my hard earned muscle. Time to give myself a kick up the bottom! 

2013-03-17 10.11.04

I did start my new training programme about three weeks ago, but with 2 weekends away, a birthday, and numerous evenings out, I haven’t done that well. Eating clean takes preparation and planning which is the part I struggle with. I eat healthy 90% of the time, but as I get older, dropping a percentage or two of body fat is not as easy as it used to be. The odd glass of wine with dinner and meal out, all add up and have to be stripped right back if I am to lose anything.

My other problem is one of routine – I don’t actually have one! This makes eating at regular intervals a little more difficult. So I have given myself 8 weeks to get myself back to how I felt  when I completed the programme in my training book, which was fabulous!

I have started by spending time in the kitchen this week batch cooking. I have made chicken and vegetable burgers – these are basically grated veg like carrot, courgette & peppers mixed with your favourite herbs and minced chicken or turkey then made into small burgers and baked. I also made Thai fishcakes, protein pancakes(see pic) and a pot of brown rice. I’m a foodie, so plain chicken and vegetables are fine but I need strong flavours to keep me on track.

I was given some Godiva chocolates for my birthday so i’m going to share them and perhaps do an extra 30 mins on the bike for each one I eat.

I can’t let anything get in my way and although I think I may have fractured my little finger yesterday, I will find a way to keep up with my training….plus I don’t need my little finger to eat clean.

TIP: Write down EVERYTHING you eat…..yes that includes that slice of ham you just scoffed whilst staring into the fridge! This is the best way to keep focused.

I’ll keep my blog updated with my progress so wish me luck. If anyone else out there is starting a new regime, let me know how you’re doing.

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