Writing Lesson No7

I have been spending every spare minute over the last few weeks, editing my novel.

1st time – to check for continuity in the storyline.

2nd time – to check for cliches and unnecessary words etc.

3rd time – to read it out loud. This shows up any sentences or words that simply ‘don’t work’.

It has now gone to someone else to proof read it for me and then I shall do a final edit after leaving it for a few weeks.

Phew! Who knew writing a novel would be such hard work? …. All you published authors out there are probably shouting YES WE KNOW.

So, what have I learnt this time?

LESSON No7 – The first line of speech when it’s a new person speaking, should be indented.

How did I not know this!

I have taken out all of my old Writers’ Bureau course books, reference books and my copy of The Creative Writing Coursebook from the University of East Anglia. All have reminded me of simple grammar that I had forgotten and how to format my novel.

Hopefully, they have all helped me to make my novel the best that it can be. It is hard work, but I cannot wait to start researching for my next book.






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