Spring by Daffodil

SPRING2013-03-10 08.16.31

Finally, I get to stretch. Raising my bright yellow head, I unfurl my petals, blink and smile. Spring is here at last.

The still lake is spread before me, and I am surrounded by fellow daffodils enjoying the early morning sun. Already there are men and boys setting up their fishing rods in the hope of catching a fish big enough to tell stories about.

I know there is woodland behind me, but I never get to see it unless the wind picks up and blows me around. The funny old lady with her scruffy dog is here again this year. She usually walks with a man who wears a cap, but today she is alone. She looks sad.
Her scruffy dog races around the edge of the lake barking and chasing the ducks. I can see the man fishing opposite shaking his head. I don’t think he likes the dog much.

The wind blows a little stronger across the lake. As I bend backwards slightly, I catch sight of the pink and white clouds of blossom covering the trees above me. I’m never here for the other seasons but surely Spring is the most beautiful time of year. As the wind falls to a light breeze again, I straighten up. Just in time to see the scruffy dog raise his leg against my stem. I don’t like that dog much either!

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