LOST NOVEL – writing lessons 1-4

So there I was, novel finished and ready for editing when I accidentally wiped the whole of my text from my Scrivener project file!

After a typical Essex girl OH MY GOD freak out, I calm down as I remember that Scrivener automatically backs up my work. unfortunately, when I went into what I thought was my novel, was only the first six chapters……back to freaking out.

I checked my USB stick for my manual back ups and realised I had up to chapter 18. Better, but still not all of it. In November when I used the NaNoWriMo to encourage me to finish my novel, I was so busy writing the last 26,000 words that I didn’t back it up myself.

After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I e-mailed Scrivener. They were amazing! giving clear and easy directions to find my novel. Thanks Astrid.

So, the lessons learned:

1. ALWAYS make the effort to back up your work to an outside source.
2. NEVER try and pick up your scrivener project and copy it to Dropbox
3. Read how to do something before doing it.
4. When all is lost…..call Astrid

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