My Year in Books (cont)

A GIRLS BEST FRIEND by Louise Marley

A Girl's Best Friend

Sisters Louise and Danielle Van Der Straaten couldn’t be more different. When Daddy decides he is going to sell Vanders, their exclusive jewellery store, Danielle is horrified, but Isabel is too engrossed with her rock band boyfriend to care.

When their father is killed in a car accident, Danielle tries to take charge of the business, but finds a reason to believe her father’s death may not  have been an accident after all.

This is a chick-lit mystery which is easy to read but has no likeable main characters. I would still recommend popping it in your beach bag for a relaxing day on the beach though.

THE FOURTH AWAKENING by Rod Pennington and Jeffery A Martin

The Fourth Awakening

I didn’t realise until I had read this book, that The Fourth Awakening is based on cutting edge science. One of the authors,  Jeffery A Martin specialises in higher states of conciousness and speaks publicly on the subject.

We follow Penelope Drayton Spence who gave up a promising career in journalism to spend time with    her family. The story begins when her kids have left home and she is now divorced. The Editor of the Washington Post offers her a chance to investigate a story of 30 supposedly missing scientists. Even the President has warned them off the story, so it’s got to be big.

Penelope finds herself in league with rich Industrialist Michael Walker, who possess amazing spiritual powers. He needs her to understand about the Fourth Awakening and how it will change humanity.

I wasn’t surprised to hear about the self-help book, as the end of the book did feel a little like I was studying the information. However, fact-based books about mysteries and the unknown will always be a good read for me. I think I have read every Dan Brown book at least twice! I love all those interesting facts and historical stories.

DISAPPEAR by Iain Edward Henn


Jennifer Parkes’ husband pops out for cigarettes on a rainy night and never comes back.

His body turns up 18 years later; he hasn’t aged and his clothes are the same ones he was wearing when he disappeared.

Jennifer is determined to find out what happened to her husband as other ‘missing’ bodies begin to appear. Homicide detective Neil Lachlan is not going to be put off the case. They join forces to wade through deception, lies and pure evil to get their answer.

This is set in Australia, which I thought would bother me but it was a nice change. The story pulled me in immediately and I found myself going to bed earlier each night to find out what was going to happen next.

My recommendation; if you love a good mystery that will keep you wondering, read this book! Two thumbs up!

YOURS TRULY by Kirsty Greenwood

Yours Truly

Recently engaged food lover Natalie Butterworth wouldn’t think twice about telling the odd white lie to make life that little bit easier.

When a pub hypnotist makes her tell the absolute truth, no matter how hard she tries to lie, Natalie and her best friend take a road trip to try an undo his handy work before she loses her fiancée and family.

This is a fun read and one every girl should have in their collection. It will make you reassess your own life and loves.

ENEMY IN BLUE by Derek Blass

To be absolutely honest, it is a while since I read this book and I didn’t write a review. However, I shall

Enemy in Blue

endeavour to give you my review as I remember it.

The story revolves around a dirty cop who kills an innocent man. He could get away with if it wasn’t for the fact that the cameraman who was with his team, secretly caught it on tape.

I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy this at first, but the action picks up and doesn’t stop. It is the type of story that is better read over a short period, not really for dipping in and out of.

Verdict: I would be happy to read another Derek Blass book.

CHANCES by Freya North

Product DetailsI got this book from the library, as I had never read a Freya North book before and I was due to meet her at a Publishing seminar.

The main character Vita works in a gift shop which she owns with ex-boyfriend Tim.  She moves into her new house, but has a tree problem. This is when she meets Oliver, the tree surgeon.

Oliver is still trying to come to terms with the death of his wife, but when he meets Vita in the Spring, the trees are not the only things that blossom. Will Oliver and Vita take a chance on love?

The first thing I noticed about this book is that I really didn’t like the main character’s name..Vita. I couldn’t decide in my head what nationality she was. The story explores friendship, sex and love. A little too slushy for my taste but an easy read. I love Freya North, she was really chatty and friendly, so I intend to read a few more of her novels.


THE WHEEL OF DARKNESS by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

Product Details

I bought this paperback last year and forgot that I had it.

The story starts in an ancient monastery high in the Himalayas. Special Agent Pedergast and his ward Constance who are wise to the ways of the monks, are asked to retrieve an artefact, which was stolen from the inner sanctum.

They find themselves on an ocean liner with a killer and The Wheel of Darkness, which not only produces bizarre events aboard but may affect the world if not returned to it’s hiding place.

I do remember wishing I had this on my Kindle, as the font is rather small and I could have adjusted it. The main character Pendergast, reminded me of Sherlock Holmes. He has a very matter-of-fact attitude which I really like.

The action really starts once the artefact begins to affect the crew and passengers. The weird happenings are right up my street, so I really enjoyed it.


ANGEL KILLER by Andrew Mayne

Jessica Blackwood gave up her career as a magician to become an FBI agent. Wasting away in a cubicles in Quantico,  she is suddenly asked to help find a serial killer called The Warlock, whose devious methods make some people think he’s supernatural.

Angel Killer

Jacket Blurb

A dead girl is found crawling out of her own grave…
A Bermuda Triangle mystery washes up on Fort Lauderdale beach…
Witnesses claim they saw an angel fall to her death in Times Square…

Thrust into the media spotlight, with time ticking away until the next murder, it’s up to Jessica Blackwood to see through the deceptions of a man others are dying to believe.
If she can’t stop him, she may become his next victim.

I LOVED THIS BOOK. More weirdness and a plenty of ‘Murder, Death, Kill’ as they would say in Demolition Man.





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