My Year in Books 2013

It’s Christmas 2012 and my many hints of how great it would be to have a Kindle did not go unnoticed. So I decided to try and read one book a month. All writers should read extensively to improve their skills – plus let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good story to immerse yourself into?

So I will start at the beginning with my first book:

COMFORT AND JOY by India Knight

My friend lent me this book over Christmas (not on Kindle) as she couldn’t put it down.

The story follows Clara over three consecutive Christmases spent with family and friends. We get to be part of the emotional turmoil that inevitably comes when spending time with loved ones but Knight also had me laughing so hard that snot came out of my nose!

I found the first quarter of the book unputdownable, but it slowed a little for me after that. I think that is more down to personal taste than Ms Knight’s excellent story telling as ‘slice of life’ books – as my friend calls them- are not really my thing.




Book Cover

This is without doubt the best thriller I read all year.

Christine Lucas is left with anterograde amnesia, after a tragic accident. This means that she can only retain information whilst she is awake. Every morning she has to be reminded of who the people in her life are. As the story unravels, she needs to decide exactly who she can trust.

This has echoes of 50 first Dates and Momento and may even be slightly far fetched, but I still wish I had written it!





I chose this book as I was writing my first chick-lit novel and wanted to read as many as I could in the same genre, plus I love the paranormal.

Oh Great, Now I Hear Dead PeopleSamantha Ball is broke and in need of a job that will pay the rent. She is given a chance to get                     paid for giving  Tarot readings over the phone. Despite her reluctance to cheat people, she soon realises that she seems to be helping them. Things really start to take off when she  begins receiving real messages from the grave.

I think I read this book within three days. The story jogs along at a good pace and there are many laughs to be had. I loved it.

I do remember thinking that the author must be about my age (I’m 47) as although the main character is in her 20’s, she often refers to things that I found funny but I’m not sure someone in their 20’s would know who she was talking about. She mentions ‘The Krankies’ at one point  and if you’re twenty-something, you may well be asking WHO?



The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg LarssonProduct Details

Although I had heard how great this book was, I had no idea what the story was about. Based on the title, I thought that it would be some mystical Asian story, so I was surprised when I started to read it.

The story is based on disgraced journalist Mikael Blomkvist, and his investigation into a  missing person case. Full of dark family secrets that no one wants exposed, Mikael finds himself partnered with security specialist Lisbeth Salander. Together they unravel the mystery of missing sixteen year old Harriet Vanger.

The first part of the book is rather slow and I cannot understand why it was given the title ‘Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’. The ‘Girl’ has three tattoos, one of which happens to be a dragon! I do love the titles of all three in the trilogy, I just don’t think this one suits the story.  Apart from that, however, it is a really good story which will translate well onto the big screen. I’ll let you know what I think when I’ve watched it.


Update: I didn’t enjoy the film as much as the book – not surprisingly as they can never cover as much as the original story. In fact, I had to explain parts of the film to my boyfriend who hadn’t read the book.

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