Gym Etiquette-The Girls

For those of you who are new to the gym, I have included some advice with regard to correct etiquette. The part about the Jimmy Choos is aimed at you Essex girls! – Of which I am one 🙂



Rule 1
The hairdryers in the changing rooms are for drying your hair on you head, NOT for use as a substitute towel.


Rule 1
Not singing along to “I will survive” karoeke style at the top of your voice whilst listening to your Ipod – Besides, how hard can you be working to keep that up!

Rule 2
Wear deodorant – check yourself before you leave the changing room. If you start training and the surrounding equipment is suddenly available, you may want to check again. Keep moist deo-wipes in your kit bag if you train straight from work.

Rule 3
Misuse of equipment – sitting on the bike discussing your boyfriend’s latest indiscretion with your best mate is not aerobically effective. It is also unfair to members who are waiting to USE the equipment.

Rule 4
Keep your advise to yourself – if you have been working with a personal trainer, you may have a better knowledge of training than some. However, it is not gym etiquette to impart your views on other members training techniques. Especially when they are in still in earshot!

Rule 5
Proper attire – if you intend to run on the treadmill, do make sure you are wearing a suitably supportive bra! Not only will this help you avoid future ‘sagging’ but may prevent male members from crashing into the mirrors.

Footwear – this is essential as the floor in the spa is often slippery and can be a breeding area for varuccas. Flip-flops are fine but please note that your Jimmy Choo slip-ons are not suitable footwear for the spa area.

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